Family Solution

The purpose of this assignment is for the student to demonstrate the ability to critically think about family’s safety threats versus risk factors, knowledge of the key concepts of the family solutions model and apply those skills to produce task for a “Safety Plan”. The Johnson family scenario will be used in class and for this assignment.   Information will be used from the Cycle of Destructive Behavior developed by the student in class for Ms. Johnson. This will be a written paper from 3-4 pages, not including the cover page, references. APA formatting is required (1 inch margins on all sides, 12 pt. font, and double spaced).  Student will: Demonstrate at least four key concepts of the Family Solutions Model while communicating how it applies to the Johnson Family Scenario. Determine the conflicts within the family that increases the risk for abuse, safety threats,  and exceptions that increase protective factors. Identify the Family Developmental tasks in which family struggles with, also known as the Every Day Life Event (EDLE) and discuss how it led to a safety threats for the child or children in the Johnson case. Referencing your Cycle of Destructive Behavior developed in class, explain Ms. Johnson’s cycle specifically focusing on the “ACE”, Avoid/Cope/Escape portion of the cycle. Identify and discuss at least five specific tasks that could be used on the family’s Safety Plan.   In conclusion the student should discuss how their knowledge of Family Solutions could enhance their delivery of services while enhancing safety permanency and wellbeing to the families you serve.Teresa JohnsonP&P received a report in regard to Jake Johnson, 2 day old baby boy. The report states the following: Jake tested positive for opiates (oxycodone). Mother, Teresa Johnson admitted to 15mg oxycodone use and wants treatment. Jake is not showing signs of withdrawal at this point, but does need to be monitored. Ms. Johnson and Jake will be discharged from the hospital soon.During her pregnancy, Ms. Johnson had two abnormal urine screens which were sent for further lab work by her OB/GYN. Both tests were positive for oxycodone. Due to concerns for the newborn baby, his urine was tested at birth. Hospital records were obtained on Ms. Johnson’s and Jake’s urine screening showing positive for Oxycodone use.Worker met with Teresa Johnson (19) and Mike Thomas (26) in Ms. Johnson’s hospital room after stopping at the nursery to view Jake Johnson. Jake was observed to be resting comfortably with no signs of opiate withdrawal. Dr. Bill Fritz was in the nursery and reported that Jake is not showing signs of withdrawal, but will need to be monitored for a few days more. After some discussion about Jake’s condition, Ms. Johnson admitted to having a substance abuse addiction and stated she used oxycodone twice a day throughout her pregnancy.Ms. Johnson reported that she first experimented with oxycodone at a party 2 years ago. She stated soon after she began using the drug daily. After learning she was pregnant she reported she attempted to quit “cold turkey”. She stated this caused her to experience severe withdrawal symptoms and feared that the symptoms would cause her to lose her baby. In lieu of withdrawal, Ms. Johnson chose to continue using oxycodone. She admitted to never having a prescription for the drug. She also reported prior use of marijuana, but not in the last 2-3 months. Ms. Johnson states she never really thought she wouldn’t be able to stop using when she wanted, but now knows how hard it is going to be. She states when Mr. Thomas is gone from home she feels lonely and believes she uses so she won’t feel lonely or worry about what he is doing while he is gone.The family consists of Teresa Johnson (19), Mike Thomas (26) and their infant son Jake Johnson. The family resides in a two bedroom trailer at 1234 Dark Hills Road. The trailer is reasonably clean, presenting no health hazards for the parents or Jake. Ms. Johnson and Mr. Thomas have been together for about a year and a half and have lived together for about one year. Both state they really hadn’t figured out how to live together as a couple since Ms. Johnson had not lived with anyone before and Mr. Thomas had lived on his own for 4 years prior to Ms. Johnson moving in to the home. The parents have not given much thought to how having an infant in the home will change their daily routine. Ms. Johnson reports that Mr. Thomas is on the road a lot with his job and she is really living on her own and pretty much eats, sleeps and does what she wants to do. When asked how having a baby might change her routines she stated she would probably have to create new routines around feeding the baby which would impact her sleeping routines. She seemed to have some sense that the routine of daily living would change, but had a hard time identifying how it would change and how it would impact her. Mr. Thomas reported he was “in the dark” about how to care for a newborn and expressed some concern about Ms. Johnson having to do it all on her own while he was gone. Ms. Johnson states she wants to do what is right for her son and is willing to learn to care for her baby properly. She does admit that she is scared of bringing Jake home with no help and with her current drug use. Ms. Johnson and Mr. Thomas had a hard time discussing activities they would enjoy doing with Jake, though both stated they would like to do normal family things together like going out to eat, going to the park, swimming and visiting other family members. The family reports they have the basic necessities for Jake such as a bed, diapers, and bottles though they weren’t sure how often he would need to be fed, etc. Ms. Johnson reported it was easy at the hospital because they would bring the baby to her and she would feed him his bottle and change him, but she didn’t know what routine he was on. Ms. Johnson and Mr. Thomas had not discussed who would help out Ms. Johnson immediately after the baby came home since he would be required to leave in one week for a new job.Ms. Johnson reported that she has not given much thought to discipline as her son is a newborn. Ms. Johnson defined corporal punishment as spanking, in which one hits or smacks on the buttocks with a hand or paddle. Ms. Johnson stated she doesn’t view physical discipline as a likely form of punishment in the home. She stated she will most likely use time out or grounding. When asked what time out meant to her she stated that it was having a child sit in a quiet place for 5-20 minutes. She stated that grounding meant withholding or taking things like the TV or playing outside.Mr. Thomas reported he is not opposed to spanking his child on the bottom once he is of the appropriate age. He defined spanking as “whipping or smacking a child on the bottom”. Mr. Thomas stated he would only spank his son in situations where he felt it was necessary to make a point of his child’s safety such as if he was playing with knives or about to get into cleaning supplies. Additionally, he said he would not consider physically disciplining his son until he was at least 3 years old. Mr. Thomas reported his primary method of discipline would be to use time outs. He defined time out as sitting a child in a chair for 10-15 minutes.Ms. Johnson is a 19 year old Caucasian female. She is approximately 4 feet 11inches in height and has a slim build. She has medium length, light brown hair and blue eyes. Ms. Johnson states she believes she is in good physical health, but will need to have a complete physical since recovering from a natural birth. She states she is generally healthy, but does wear eye glasses. Ms. Johnson states she does not have any mental health issues nor has she ever taken prescribed medications for any mental health issue. She does report feeling sad on several days and reports sometimes her sadness lasts for a couple of weeks at a time. Ms. Johnson reports she has not spoken to any professional about her substance use even though her doctor completed the drug screens. She denied use until Jake’s screen came back positive for oxycodone. Ms. Johnson has a high school diploma and has completed one year of community college. She has an energetic personality, talking quickly and excitedly and somewhat erratically. She states that the birth of her son has inspired her to stop using drugs and is amazed that she could create this small child. Ms. Johnson is unemployed at this time and states she has only worked part-time jobs in the past, but since she started dating Mr. Thomas she has not worked outside the home. Ms. Johnson wants to stay at home with Jake until he starts school and then go to college. She stated again that if she could stop using drugs things would be so different for her and Jake.Criminal record checks on Theresa Johnson revealed no history of involvement in criminal activities. There were also no reports of CPS or D/V relating to Ms. Johnson as an adult; however, there is a history on Ms. Johnson as a child where neglect was established with Ms. Johnson’s mother being the listed perpetrator. She also has a history of truancy and beyond control of parent and school. Ms. Johnson was in foster care for about 18 months from the time she was 16 to almost 18 years old. Ms. Johnson’s mother has a history of alcohol and drug use and Ms. Johnson was raised in this environment and was part of the reason she spent time in foster care.Mr. Thomas is 26 year old Caucasian male. He is approximately 5’11 and weighs 179lbs. He has sandy-blonde hair and green eyes. Mr. Thomas reports he is in good health and has to have regular physicals for his job. He reports he has a high school diploma and has completed several years of vocational school. He also has numerous hours of training in corrosion prevention, which he acquired as part of his employment as a corrosion control technician. Mr. Thomas is the sole wage earner in the home and is required to travel frequently for work. Mr. Thomas has a quiet and calm demeanor and is somewhat reserved, and very polite.Criminal record checks on Mr. Thomas reveals three traffic violations for speeding. Mr. Thomas reports it is a hazard of his job when traveling. He reports he will not speed with Jake in the car and will have him in a car seat. There were no reports of CPS/DV for Mr. Thomas as an adult or child.The current high-risk behavior that led to child protective involvement is Ms. Johnson’s use of controlled prescription narcotics (oxycodone) which were not prescribed for her. This risk is compounded by the severity and frequency of use as well as her habit existing for over a year. Ms. Johnson seems to be aware of the harmful effects of these drugs on her as well as the adverse effects they can have on her family, especially her ability to care for Jake. She expresses a desire to become clean, but may be unrealistic in her understanding of how easy she believes it will be or that she can become drug free while caring for Jake. Mr. Thomas is also concerned, but states he will lose his job if he has to take off more than a few days to stay home with Ms. Johnson and Jake.Jake Johnson was born on October 3, 2017 at 5:45pm. Jake was 19 inches long and weighed 6 ½ pounds. He has light hair and blue eyes. Jake is not of Native American descent and has no history of seizures at this time. He was observed in the nursery at the hospital and later in the hospital room with Mr. Thomas and Ms. Johnson. He was resting comfortably in Ms. Johnson’s arms for approximately 30 minutes while she fed him. Both parents expressed that Jake was a pleasant baby who cried very little at this point. The parents also reported he was eating well and they were glad he showed no signs of effects from the drug use. However, he was born testing positive for Oxycodone, a prescription opiate. Dr. Fritz has explained to the parents that Jake will be monitored for 3 months to determine if there may be any residual effects from the drug use. Dr. Fritz has already spoken with a pediatrician, Dr. Leslie Sinclair for follow-up appointments for Jake.Hospital records show that Jake is progressing well and will be discharged in another day or two.Ms. Johnson was able to identify her aunt, Susan Barnes as a source of support. She states as a child she would go and stay with her aunt when her mother was drinking and using drugs. She reported she always felt safe with her aunt and is sad to know that her aunt will be very upset with her when she finds out she has been using drugs again, especially while pregnant. She states she has not visited her aunt much in the last few months even though they live just in the next county. She states she didn’t want to hurt her aunt. She states her aunt has come by the trailer to see her, but she pretends not to be there so she won’t have to face her. Ms. Barnes can be reached at 502-555-1234. She lives at 4444 Old Hill Road, Simpsonville. Mr. Thomas reports his family is very concerned about Ms. Johnson and the baby, but they live in Tennessee and are unable to visit often though they callfrequently.RATINGS/FINDINGS/DECISIONS/ACTIONSAfter conducting interviews with Mr. Thomas, Ms. Johnson, Dr. Bill Fritz and reviewing medical records and drug screens this report of neglect is substantiated on Jake Johnson by Teresa Johnson. An ongoing case will be opened for long term services of 6 months to one year.Though Ms. Johnson and Mr. Thomas believe they can care for Jake, it was decided that due to Ms. Johnson’s frequency, severity of use and length of time using, as well as Mr. Thomas not being in the home, that Jake would need to be placed outside of the home until Ms. Johnson could care for Jake drug free.Ms. Johnson and Mr. Thomas were very upset about Jake not getting to go home. Worker asked if they could think of a relative who might be able to care for Jake until she could complete her drug program or Mr. Thomas could be home full time. Ms. Johnson requested that Jake be placed with her aunt, Susan Barnes. Ms. Johnson called her aunt who agreed to come to the hospital. After discussing the problems with Ms. Barnes, she agreed to care for Jake, but was concerned that Ms. Johnson might try to pick up Jake from her home since it is her first child and she is still using.Worker conferenced with supervisor, Jessica Bennett, MSSW. It was decided a petition for emergency custody would be filed and a home evaluation would be completed on Ms. Susan Barnes prior to Jake and Ms. Johnson being discharged from the hospital.Worker explained to Ms. Johnson, Mr. Thomas and Ms. Barnes that DCBS would file a petition for custody with Jake being placed with Ms. Barnes if the home evaluation is cleared.A petition was filed and granted on October 4, 2017 and a positive home evaluation was conducted on Ms. Barnes home by SW Candice Montgomery. Jake was placed with Ms. Barnes on October 8, 2017 upon discharge from the hospital. Ms. Barnes picked up both Ms. Johnson and Jake and took them to her home to get Jake settled in. Avisitation plan was negotiated for the next few days until a case planning conference in held.A temporary removal hearing was held on October 10, 2017, presided over by Judge Tom Garrison who ordered the child to remain in the Cabinet’s custody pending the parent completing drug court successfully.A parent mentor, Terri Levin was assigned to Ms. Johnson to assist her in the process of becoming clean and sober and completing her case plan objectives leading to the return of Jake to her care. Ms. Johnson and Mr. Thomas were present for all hearings.A case planning conference was conducted and a prevention plan was negotiated, agreed upon and signed by both parents; Susan Barnes, Aunt; Terri Levin, Parent Mentor; Jessica Barrett, Supervisor and Linda Greely, worker. The prevention plan states that Ms. Johnson will become clean and sober. Ms. Johnson will meet with TAP specialist Susan George to further assess Ms. Johnson’s drug use and to determine a treatment plan specifically for her. Ms. Johnson will continue to submit to random drug tests, attend NA as determined by Ms. George and Ms. Johnson. Ms. Johnson will also follow all doctors’ instructions for herself and Jake. Mr. Thomas will attend NA meetings with Ms. Johnson when he is in town. When he is not in town Ms. Levin, Parent Mentor will attend with her. Susan Mahafry, Hands specialist will work with Ms. Johnson and Mr. Thomas on parenting issues and basic care of Jake. See Case Plan for full details.A DPP 155 was provided to Mr. Thomas and Ms. Johnson which explains the appeal process. A CHFS-300 of Privacy Practices and Hippa guidelines was also provided. Copies of the prevention plans and visitation guide were also given to all parties.Ms. Johnson and Mr. Thomas were also provided with a DPP-152 notice of findings via certified mail on October 5, 2017.

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